ATM Spits Out $37,000 to Lucky Man


(abc news) Police in Maine are investigating after a malfunctioning ATM at a bank spit out $37,000 in cash to man who requested $140. South Portland police tell WGME-TV that they responded to the TD Bank branch at about 5:30 a.m. Thursday after getting a call from a woman who said a man was spending an unusual amount of time at the ATM she was waiting to use. Responding officers found the man stuffing cash into a shopping bag. The money was returned to the bank, and bank officials said they don’t want to press charges. But police continue to investigate. The identity of the man wasn’t released because he hasn’t been charged. A bank official described the problem as a “code error” and said no customer accounts were affected.

How bad does it suck to be this guy right now. One minute, he’s stuffing thousands of dollars into shopping bags, planning a trip to Mexico in his head, the next he’s forced to give all the money back and go back to his poor and boring life in Maine. Its like winning the lottery and then someone sets the ticket on fire. The absolute worst feeling you could experience. Everyone wants to get rich quick, and this guy hit the jackpot. If it weren’t for some lady with a stick up her ass calling the police, he would of gotten away with it. Seriously, is this lady the worst person in the world? Who calls the police when someone is spending too much time at an ATM? Just go to another one and keep your mouth shut. Yet again, this is Maine, so it was probably the only ATM they have. Either way I feel for this guy. One time, I received an extra 10$ in my change at McDonalds, but the drive-thru guy realized the mistake and asked for it back. So yeah I know exactly what this guy is going through. Something like this only happens in movies. Now this guy has to live the rest of his life wondering “what if?”. What if the lady never called the police? What if I stuffed the money into the bags faster and got away? What if I ran away before the cops showed up? Life sucks for this guy right now. Yeah, he has a cool story to tell all his friends, but then he’s just gonna get shit on for not getting away with it. An opportunity like this happens one in a billion lifetimes. Just gotta learn from your mistakes and do better for next time an ATM spits out thousands of dollars I guess.

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