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Whats up my people. Its your favorite cat Bob, and Im a blogger now. Talk about started from the bottom now Im here. For those of you who don’t know me Im Stevie’s cat who has a twitter and probably more followers than you. Follow me @BobTheCatt..Im the most beloved cat in Portsmouth, and in this segment you will learn all about me, what I do, how I spend my day, etc.

Stevie’s friends were over this week. A Lot. As in everyday. All day. Total bro sesh. I love chillin with them but I feel bad cause I literally get all the attention. But I guess thats what happens when your a social media phenomenon. Then this girl came over and brought over this PIFFFFF asian food. And Stevie wouldn’t let me have any. WTF cmon bro just tryin to get my nibbles on. Thank god for Woj sneaking me some chicken. He let me eat it right off the bone. He’s always looking out for me and giving me friskies and shit. So what else is new?…Well, Ive been having the best snuggle sesh’s with Riley and Madison (my dog friends). As a trio, we just kill it with the cuteness. Its not quite hunting weather yet, but day by day I can feel it coming close. Just can’t wait to snatch my first bird. My goal is to bag 2 animals per week. I know thats a lot but I got high expectations.

Well that wraps up this weeks, Bob’s Thoughts…Stay tuned for more

Bob the Cat

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