Boston’s Government Center Station, Back on the Map!

The Boston Globe-March 21, 2016. For a moment, at least, the MBTA’s checkered on-time performance record and its scuttled late-night service, its billions in needed infrastructure repairs and its beleaguered Green Line extension project all faded into the past.

Amid a throng of onlookers and a pack of reporters inside the rebuilt Government Center Station Monday, officials beamed. Here was good news: Not just the reopening of a busy subway station that had been shuttered for two years, but the completion of a major infrastructure project in the heart of the city, a gleaming new installation of contemporary architecture above and beneath some of Boston’s busiest streets, on time and on budget.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.05.10 AMAnother exciting development for Boston, the re-opening of the Government Center T-Station! After more than 2 years of construction this travel hub will make navigating the city much more efficient.

The $113 million dollar project transformed the old, dim, highly unaccessible station into quite the opposite. Now the station is more accessible for all travelers, well lit by natural light, and is described as “a model of universal design and human-centered design.”

For more than half of my college career, travel into downtown Boston was dictated by navigating around the station in construction. Walking from Haymarket to Faniuel Hall in the Arctic Tundra for a night out was starting to get old…just saying.

In recent months, passing through the station under construction each week as I went to my internship revealed exciting new developments. I watched the initial cement skeleton evolve into clean tile being placed and fresh directional signs posted…a huge improvement after so many months of darkness as the T passed through the creepy, empty station hub.

Looking forward to exploring more of the city this spring now that the Government Station stop is back on the map!

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