Celtics take over Salve Regina as they prepare for the season in Newport

Being a salve student just got a little bit cooler. The Celtics arrived in Newport yesterday and will be utilizing Salve Reginas athletic facilities for the next 3 days to prepare for the upcoming season. This is the first time the team has practiced in Newport since 2010 aka the time everyone on the island claimed they saw Shaq at Walmart. Safe to say, the whole team is ecstatic to be in beautiful Newport:

Well maybe not everybody. In Terry Roziers defense, he’s a Louisville guy so he’s probably not used to being so close to the ocean.

Now if you’re a parent of a Salve sorority sister, you can exhale because this trip is all about business for a Celtics team that is hungry for another ring. If this was a rebuild year, that’s when you worry as NBA players have a tendency to “familiarize” themselves with the local female talent on their overnight trips. But I think it’s safe to say these next 3 days will be about forming bonds, getting back into shape and getting better as a team.

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