POLL: Do Newport Police Officers go over the line on St Paddys Day?


I saw first hand on saturday how police officers can be complete cock suckers. During the parade my buddy cracked a beer and was instantly swarmed by multiple under cover police officers dressed as civilians. After the officer said he was being cited for having an open alcoholic container, he then dropped his beer on the sidewalk. The cop then proceeded to write him another citation for littering. Female cop by the way. She probably felt that she had to her assert her authority…. All female cops are the same. But seriously, you’re giving him a citation already, you cant just ask him to pick up the can and throw it away?

All im saying is that police officers are here to “protect and serve”. I respect police officers across the country for their service and for keeping us safe. But when it comes to days like st paddys day, let people enjoy it. If someone is belligerent and causing a problem, step in and do your job. If someone is sick and needs help, step in and do your job. But to go out of your way and give citations to people who aren’t bothering anyone is such a douche move. They’re just creating more problems than there fixing.

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