"Drug Candy" Infiltrating Both Chariho Middle and High School


RICHMOND, R.I. — A middle school student and two students at the high school, all 14, have been charged in two incidents involving narcotics in the form of hard candy.  “It should be noted that the students involved knew or believed that they were using narcotics, so it should not be misconstrued that this was passed around freely to unsuspecting youth as a safe and normal candy substance,” Police Chief Elwood Johnson and Supt. Barry Ricci said. At the middle school, on March 27, a student was arrested on charges of distributing a controlled substance in or near a school and possession of a controlled substance, after a student required medical attention for a reaction from consuming a “marijuana candy.” The same day at the high school, a student was found to have two 36-mg Concerta pills (methylphenidate Hcl, or Ritalin) for which she had no prescription and an unlabeled hard brown candy that tested positive for traces of methamphetamine.

If you told me an hour ago that I would be writing a blog today regarding Chariho, I would of laughed in your face. Chariho is no mans land. I remember the long, boring bus rides we used to take for baseball games at Chariho High School. It’s literally nothing but farms and more farms. Wanna know why no one can find the Malaysia Airlines airplane? Its because its in Chariho and no one is there to find it.

Drugs are everywhere, so it doesn’t surprise me that kids from an area as boring as Chariho take them. You gotta do something to take your mind off the fact that your future is nothing but cows and cornfields. Im not encouraging drug use, but I can’t imagine kids from there have fun on weekends. The drug epidemic in RI is beginning to infiltrate the middle schools, which isn’t good at all. We all remember what happened at Portsmouth Middle School months ago, where their students got busted for snorting smarties to get high (still haven’t stopped laughing). Teens like candy. Teens like drugs. Combine them and of course there is gonna be some issues.

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