Fifth Element in Newport Proposes New Hotel on Broadway

According to the Newport Daily News, owners of The Fifth Element in Newport have proposed to construct a new 40-room hotel at their existing location on Broadway. There will be a special meeting held on March 22 to talk about the proposal to build the new hotel and incorporate the existing Fifth Element restaurant at 111 Broadway.

Most of the surrounding businesses seem to be in support of the project, and why wouldn’t they? A shiny new hotel with a dope rooftop deck will certainly attract a hell of a lot more people to the far end of Broadway – a place where most tourists probably don’t make it to as much as other areas in Newport.

Although, there will always be those people in opposition to projects like these…

There are a handful of residents in the area who don’t want this proposal to get approved due to the size and location of it. Bah Humbug! One resident even wrote that the new hotel would “limit sunlight and air that circulates through our backyards and gardens”. I shit you not. Since the new hotel will be four stories tall, I can understand how some resident’s views might be obstructed. If I had a place right behind The Fifth Element and this new hotel was about to ruin my backyard view, the only thing I would ask for is my name on the bottom of one of the barstools. Then I could show up and tell people to move when I got there. They would be like, “I don’t see your name on this stool, bro”. Then I’d be all like, “Why don’t you look under the stool, brochacho”. Problem solved. Id be sippin’ martinis on the rooftop deck every night!

We hope Newporters will see how much of a positive impact this will have on the area and that’s why I believe (I hope) it should have no problem getting approved. I’m not sure how many complaints have come in about the proposal, but I can’t imagine that a few old ladies complaining about their gardens not getting enough airflow will be enough to stop this from happening.

Us at 401 Only are in full support of the project. We have spent many awesome nights at The Fifth Element and some of us have even worked there! We know that the owners, Brad and Frank, will do a great job with this project and wish them nothing but the best.

Cover photo: Herk Works Architecture/2Hands Studio

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