Free Dead Seal? Sure I'll Take It


A mystery is unfolding in Providence, Rhode Island, where a man discovered a dead seal with a handwritten sign saying: “Free Seal: “, on the side of the road. Mystic Aquarium officials say a dead harp seal left curbside in Providence was deceased when it was dumped, along with a sign saying it was free to a good home.

I mean how else do you get rid of your pet seal? No garbage truck will take it. If you dump it in the ocean it is like a 4 billion dollar fine. Burying it would take wayyyyyy too much time. So i understand why you would just dump it. It’s not like he littered it. He left a sign, very courteous if you ask me. If I see a free dead seal on the sidewalk, you best believe I’m gonna pull the mini van over and load it up in the back of my trunk. “What are you gonna do with a dead seal?”. Ummmm I don’t know, play pranks with it, get it stuffed into a pillow (relax its already dead), put sunglasses on it and let it ride shotgun. The list goes on and on. I can just picture me being best friends with it and putting him in my Twitter pro pic and shit. So fuck me for not finding this seal. Who knows when another free dead seal will be available, probably not for a while. I will check eBay.

for picture of dead seal (might be graphic if your a pussy like me) heres a link

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