Michelle Kwan Gets Her Car Stolen in Providence


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell didn’t have time to reach for the keys when they fell between the seats of his wife’s car Wednesday afternoon. For want of a minute, it cost Michelle Kwan her car. The former Olympic figure-skating champion told police that she and Pell were on their way to an event around 5:30 p.m. and that others were waiting for them. In his rush to join them, Pell dropped the keys to the 2010 Toyota Prius in the car.  He wasn’t able to reach them easily, so he closed the door, leaving the vehicle unlocked, joined the group and left. The police report did not say how. When they returned, according to the police report, they didn’t notice whether the car was where they had left it, in front of 51 Barnes St. In the morning, about 9 o’clock, Kwan left their home at 52 Barnes St. and realized the car wasn’t there.

This story is so Providence. We don’t get many celebs coming through town. I mean Michelle Kwan isn’t Brad Pitt or anything, but its still something. So for the Providence locals to give her the “Providence Experience” by stealing her car is so fitting. If you leave your car unlocked, with the keys inside, in Providence, you kinda deserved to have your car stolen. Im so paranoid about getting shit stolen out of my car, that I lock it when Im parked in my garage. No bull shit. So welcome to Providence Michelle. Enjoy the restaurants, the night life, the river, and your occasional (everyday) car jacking.

UPDATE: Car has been located in North Providence.

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