Providence Man Backs Car Into River…Decides to Just Go Home Afterwards


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – – A Providence man plunged his car into the river Sunday near Charles Street, got out and went home, leaving the automobile in the drink. The incident happened around 5 a.m. Police found the green 1998 Jeep Wrangler around 1 p.m. after someone reported  seeing a vehicle in the river near 1 Charles Street and the river overpass, according to a police report. The police traced the license plate to Jay H. Je, 28, of 230 South Main St.  Je told the police he misjudged while backing his car in the rear parking lot of 125 Charles St. and plunged into the river, which was swollen from heavy rain.  After pulling himself out of the car, he went home. When police asked Je why he didn’t call the police or fire departments, he had no response.

I totally feel for this guy. I guarantee you he just had a bad day and couldn’t take it anymore. My guess is, he woke up to a phone call from his divorced wife saying he owes her alimony money. Went to work at a job he hates, just to get his ass yelled at by his boss who he hates even more. Got the call from his parents saying he will never amount to anything. And his kids…his kids cant even look at him. And to top it off, he accidentally backs his car up into a river. Not exactly what you call a good day. So for him to just walk away from it like nothing happened, makes total sense to me. Were humans. We’re gonna have our good days, and our bad days. Today was a bad day for Jay. But like us all, he’ll bounce back. He’ll get the promotion, he’ll pay his alimony, he’ll win the respect from his kids back. But for now, he’s just a man with a really wet car.

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