Red Sox Season Just 5 Days Away!!!


Man I love this time of year. March Madness, weather gets warmer, and of course the start of baseball. After getting a World Series ring last season, the sox made some interesting off season moves…The biggest one being releasing star center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. We all saw this coming. Jacoby is a good friend of mine. And by good friend I mean he walked by me one time, I told him he was the man, and he thanked me (talk about 6 to midnight)…that’s a boner reference…Anyway, as much as we all loved Ellsbury and has been putting up great numbers for years, he’s in it for the money and is going to sign with the highest bidder. Nothing you can do but say goodbye and thank him for 2 World Series. The Sox made a great move signing Grady Sizemore. An absolute beast player who has a history of injuries which have set him back for the past few seasons. I’ve been paying attention to preseason (still think I have a life?) and here are my thoughts so far…

Mike Napoli can fucking drive the ball…just pounding homers out the stadium. Pitchers don’t give him fast balls cause he’ll be all over it. Swag on top of swag with his top 2 buttons on his jersey unbuttoned and Fireball whiskey on his breathe. This may be a bold prediction but look for him to be top 5 in home runs after the first month.

Will Middlebrooks wants to be the everyday 3rd basemen, and it shows. He’s been playing great on both offense and defense. We really need him to provide power in the middle of the order and he’s been doing just that. After the game he’s fucking Jenny Dell, so the man is living the life. After Nesn got rid of her after taking her relationship with Middlebrooks public, he BETTER produce.

Xander Bogaerts’ needs to step up at the plate..There’s no question we’re gonna need him this year. His defense ability speaks for itself. But his hitting could improve. He’s a bottom of the line up guy, we don’t need him to hit .300, but to have good at bats, make good contact, and to move runners over. He’s a young player and this is something that will improve with experience.

Lester and Buchholz look strong. To win championships you need elite starting pitchers. We have just that. Hopefully one of them can get 20 wins this year. Or both of them, I like that too.

Ortiz has sucked in preseason. Just awful. He just got his contract extension he’s been waiting for, so I’m thinking come season time he’ll be ready. His age isn’t the issue, let’s remember 5 months ago he was crushing the ball, so it’s not that at all. He’s still in great shape and he’s known for having slow starts, so lets hope he picks it up.

Grady Sizemore has been the best player, by far. Love this guy. An outstanding center fielder, who’s already made some nasty catches. There is no question he will be leading off for us as he’s been getting on base no problem and has had plenty of multi hit games. For all the ladies out there still crying over Ellsbury, don’t worry, Sizemore is a good looking dude, no homo, but kinda homo. I think he’ll be in Boston for the long run, which means I think it’s time we trade Jackie Bradley Jr. It doesn’t matter what you do in triple A, when you get called up to the bigs, and don’t step up, you get dumped.

Here at locals only, we don’t post many sports blogs, just the important stuff. As a long time Sox fan this was the easiest blog I’ve ever written. I could go on even longer but most of you probably stopped reading it after the 2nd paragraph. Anyway, get into Red Sox mode cause opening day is just days away. Let’s hope for another great year, and hopefully get another championship, cause that’s what Boston sport teams do, win rings.

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