Rhode Islander's Have Never Won an Individual Gold Metal


Delaware, Rhode Island, and North Dakota have never produced an American individual gold medalist. Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/us-olympic-gold-medals-by-state-map-2014-1#ixzz2yEVYeq92


Usually I post things about how awesome Rhode Island is, but after reading this, Im a little let down. Though there has been a Rhode Islander win a team event, no one has one an individual. Now obviously we don’t have the biggest population to produce tons of great athletes. We don’t have warm weather to allow us to practice athletics year round. But for Christ Sake, if Montana has 7 gold metals, we should at least 10. If Alaska has 1 gold metal, we should have at least 30. We can’t be on the same level as North Dakota, a state where literally nothing happens (dont even think there’s government over there). My athletic ability peaked during my Little League years, and since then, have declined RAPIDLY. But the thing thats both great and awful about the Olympics is that you don’t even need to be athletic anymore to win. You can win a gold metal for archery, curling, ping pong, luge, and about a dozen other events that require little to no athletic ability. Why Rhode Island can’t win one of those is over my head. Not saying Im gonna be the one to step up, cause my glory days are behind me, but this has gone on for way too long. The Summer Olympics is 2 years away. Now is the time to start training. This may be an insane, illogical, crazy idea, but the first Rhode Islander to win an individual gold will receive a free T-Shirt from us. Crazy, I know, but we need this, so were willing give out the best incentive in the history of incentives.

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