Taylor Swift Doing Rhode Island Proud Visiting Hasbro's Children Hospital


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Country music superstar Taylor Swift made a surprise visit to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on Monday, the hospital confirmed. According to spokeswoman Jill Reuter, Swift and her dad were in Rhode Island and decided they would like to perform and visit. She spent about five hours at the hospital, visiting several different units and singing to numerous young patients.

I think its safe to say that Taylor Swift is officially an honorary Rhode Islander. Its great to see her take time out of her busy schedule to do something great for deserving kids. A lot of celebs these days are self-orientated and would rather spend their time blowing thousands of dollars on shoes than to give back to the community. So for one of the biggest names in Hollywood to do this is truly amazing.The only thing that concerns me about Taylor Swift is that she’s too nice. I know thats suppose to be a good thing, but New Englanders are suppose to have a mean edge to them. If we were all nice, we’d be like the South. Can’t be having that. Taylor is new to the whole Rhode Island life, so we should give her some time to adjust. Maybe not now, but eventually she will do something mean, and that will signify her official welcoming into the Rhode Island family. Like seriously Taylor, flip someone off who’s driving like an asshole, give the pizza guy a shitty tip cause he was late, smash a mailbox or two, do something somewhat devious. No one can be that nice, all the time.

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