UConn Midgets Triumphant

I watched the brilliance that was Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright as they dropped 22 and 16 respectively right on the mutants that are the Kentucky mens basketball team, and fuck it was great to see, such a surprise.  Really impressed with the Huskies. I didn’t want to compare Shabazz to Kemba during the tournament as to not jinx things, but damn he absolutely controlled the games on both ends of the floor and even a little on the boards. He was a little bully. At one point he threaded a one handed pass through the d like fromone fourth of the floor to the other real easy and at that point it appeared to be a wrap.com. Kentucky opened the game giving them some very physical play around the basket, but I was really impressed with how the Huskies overcame the strength and size of Kentucky, punched them back in the mouth with some physcial play of their own and really just played with the juice (2pac R.I.P.). Being the team that gets hot at the right time of the year and wins the champiosnhip is soooo hot right now. No team is ever “good” for a whole season it’s always the team that clicks at the right time and it’s like your “taxes playboy” to quote Dave Chapelle as Making the Band Puff Daddy “is that what’s hot in the streets right now?” Yes Dave Chapelle, it is (fuck you New York football Giants). But congrats UConn party your balls off! Two in four years is pretty New England of you guys. Like you’re almost not New England cause you’re totally about New York but you win ships and that’s about as New England as Dennis Leary. Plus it gives me hope that this kid


can beat this kid


in a game of basketball. Rage on UConn, rage on.


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